(Short Screenplay) Father Bruce O'Reilly is in trouble. His unorthodox preaching methods at his parish, St. Michael's, have young people flocking to mass; however, the elderly folks who fund the parish aren't coming anymore. Bishop Harding threatens to close down St. Michael's unless Father Bruce can change his methods. (This short screenplay won 4th prize in FilmMaker's 2001 American Gem Short Screenplay competition.)

El Mercado

(Short Story) Edward is a guy who really likes burritos. A lot. Not my favorite of the short stories I have written, but it is finished, which is more than I can say for the others.

A Rainy Night

(Free Writing) Free writing, the way I do it, is building a story off a single line that invokes conflict. This one starts off "I thought it sucked."

Marx, Durden and Soap

(Essay) This is a Marxist critique of Chuck Palahniuk's 1996 novel, Fight Club. I wrote this essay for a class. It did not get the grade (B+) I thought it deserved (A+++), but what do I know? It's a pretty solid essay, and will interest those of you who have read the book or seen the movie.

The Basic Civil Right of Equality

(Essay) I wrote this essay my freshman year of college, and I still believe that it is the best non-literary essay I have ever written. It is about homosexual marriage in the United States, and why it should be legal.

Need A Ride?

(Sketch) This is the infamous "Glencoe" Sketch that appeared in Lagniappe/Potpourri in the 1998-1999 school year. The idea originally came from an actual incident at a writing staff meeting when nobody wanted to drive home the kid who lived in Glencoe. If you didn't attend New Trier High School, you probably won't appreciate this...

Rejected Sketches

(Sketch) The first sketch I wrote as a member of Slow Children at Play. The premise was only slightly funny until the rest of the Kids had their say.

That 90's Show/ That 1870's Show

(Sketches) Co-Written with Mark Shelley, these are probably my all-time favorite sketches from Comic Aftertaste at MU. Except for the sketch that Matt wrote in which he wore the Tigger costume to promote a more "kid-friendly" catholic church. It offended someone so much that they left the room. But that sketch is not mine to post.

Uncle Jim's 24-Hour Carwash/The Shroud

(Sketch) A long-form sketch that dissolves from one sketch into another. Uncle Jim has a lifelong dream about opening a 24-hour carwash. When it becomes obvious that this dream will never become a reality, Uncle Jim looks to an "alternative" church for guidance.