Everybody knows the Family Circus. It is a comic strip that displays an idealized view of American Society. A bland, humorless idealized view of American Society.

The inspiration for One-Ring Circus comes from CD Spins, a record store on Newbury Street in Boston. Their employees post parodied strips up near the register, with inappropriate results. I would like to thank CD Spins for giving me the idea, because I am essentially ripping it off and making it less drug-related (most of theirs have to do with the Family Circus kids being on various drugs - it is very funny). Also, thanks to my friend Hemlock, I have been recently informed that there used to be a website called Dysfunctional Family Circus that was shut down by Jeff and Bill Keane. Hopefully, that will not happen to us considering our wide audience of 12.

One-Ring Circus was a very popular feature for a very long time here on Taftese, but I have shut it off until further notice because editing the graphics is a very time-consuming activity, and with my very busy schedule this semester, I don't have time to do it. If somebody wants to pick it up and put it on their own site, they should feel more than free to do so. If you would like to post the old ones on this website, please email me before copying them.

Below, listed by author, is the final One-Ring Circus archive.


Archive (in order of appearance on Taftese):

Alex Taft | Jake Shorr | Mark Shelley | Parker Tracey | Justin Aclin | Jeremy Bent | Matt Pierson | Nicholas Thwing | Kara Marie Weyand |
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